Saturday Respite is a service for young adults with mild learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder and social communication difficulties. This service is located in East London which provides the environment for these young people to socialise with like-minded individuals and gives them opportunities to make solid friends. The ethos of Saturday Respite is to treat one another with respect, help and support each other and foster a community friendly atmosphere.


To support vulnerable young people in the London area and to transform lives, raise aspirations and remove barriers to social inclusion.

Creating Possibilities

Improving Lives

Creating wider opportunities for young people

Taking informed risk to support projects that pioneer initiatives and ideas

For all young people to achieve their full potential 


Sessions are delivered by Respite directors and typically last for 5 hours in duration. Some of the sessions are held at our base in Gants Hill. They are designed to prioritise interactive and enjoyable learning through activities which will in-turn create an engaging environment and therefore facilitate the needs of our young people. 

The environment is safe and well equipped to support these young people’s needs effectively. Physical activities (e.g. football, basketball, dodgeball etc) are provided to keep them fit and boost confidence. In addition to this, we place emphasis on social games and activities within our sessions. This is one of our key methods to enhance the social communication and interaction of our young people.

They also have the opportunity to go on trips (Out & About) to various sites, with different experiences and activities each time. Some of our young people are not independent travellers, therefore our trips will focus on using public transport and eventually this will support them to become independent travellers.